We use a variety of products and methods, including torch on Thermo flex, Derbigum, polyglass or similar products with primer and silver paint, liquid paint-on waterproofing products (bitumen, acrylic etc), membrane, waterproofing fabric, polyurethane sealer, depending on the specific problem and application.We offer a complete service, which is Supplying and delivery of material, then fix (labour) as well as clean-up and rubble removal afterwards.

-Is your roof leaking? We do damp proofing and waterproofing.

Roofs, including flat (concrete) roofs, timber board roofs
– Corrugated iron (metal) roofs, tiled roofs
– Retaining walls
– Balconies and parapets
– Parking decks
– Leaking shower tiles
– Fish ponds (non-toxic waterproofing),

We treat Rising Damps in walls both interior and exterior.